Heather is a phenomenal therapist!

“Heather is a phenomenal therapist!  She has a great rapport with my children!  She works well with me as a parent in setting up goals for our children and helping them accomplish them.  She always returns my calls in a timely manner and on short notice.  She works hard to fit us in to her schedule for an emergency appointment if needed.  I can always count on her for good advice.  If she doesn’t have an answer, she seeks advice from other therapists.  I would recommend her as a counselor for either adult or children!” – Kristi

“Heather is a caring, compassionate person who takes the time to really listen and get to know her clients.”-Heidi P (teacher)

“Our niece has been working with Katelyn for 4 months and
we have seen some positive changes in her attitude and

A good relationship has developed between them, and our
niece looks forward to every session. I appreciate the focus
on being responsible for one’s own choices and setting
appropriate boundaries with others.

I’m pleased that our niece feels secure with Katelyn and
can open up freely to her.

I highly recommend Advantage Counseling for troubled

-A. Eaton (Herriman, UT)

“We have had the pleasure of working with “Advantage Counseling” more specifically Heather Rowley for about a year and a half now.  We have (2) adopted children, (1) of which are a “special needs” child.  My wife and I have found that Heather goes the extra mile in helping us with understanding their treatment plan, and things we can do to better parent.

 It has also been our experience that Heather will ALWAYS return a call, text, or email.  This has been very helpful due to the needs that arise from having a mentally challenged child in the home.  Heather has been there for us at any time of the night or day to help deal with a “crisis” and knows what the best avenue of treatment plan will work the best for the whole family.

We have seen close to (10) therapists to date, trying to find the “right fit” we were very blessed to find Heather, and we feel she has made more progress with the kids, than we had in the (5) years prior.  We would highly recommend Heather, as well as her firm to anyone that has therapy needs.” -Casey C.

“Heather worked with our daughter, who has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and suffers from adoption and sexual abuse issues from her childhood.  We found Heather to be extremely professional and  competent, trained in a variety of approaches that made a difference in our daughter’s treatment.  Additionally, Heather related on a personal level and readily gained our daughter’s trust.  She provided help and hope in a situation where we had little of either.  Without reservation, I recommend HeatherRowley as a gifted and skilled therapist who made a difference in the life of our daughter.” -Karl
“I have known Heather since 2007. Since that time, she has established herself as an integral part of our team. She has demonstrated outstanding talents in both the managerial and clinical practice spheres. She has built a reputation as a superb manager and clinician in the events and activities she has participated in and organized.
Revealing of her managerial abilities, Heather took the initiative to significantly enlarge the impact of our company in the state of Utah, especially in the greater Salt Lake area. She was able to greatly increase our reach and brand awareness. Heather has demonstrated uncanny skill in the ability to take charge while being cognizant of others needs and of the environment.
Heather has also distinguished herself as a superb clinician. Her competence, compassion and ethics are exemplary. In providing a broad spectrum of assessment and treatment, she has more than proven her ability to empower others and lead.
As a clinician, Heather has also devoted much time recently to developing an outstanding youth leadership program, a special area of interest which has become in demand for obvious reasons. She regularly lectures on this topic to parents and other mental health professionals. Heather also provides excellent consultation and coaching to a variety of clients.

Fortunately, too, Heather’s blend of managerial and clinical skills comes “packaged” in a wonderfully friendly, witty, sincere and caring human being. Her personality is delightful. She is sensitive, flexible, respected and admired by clients, peers, subordinates and superiors alike. She shines with a humility that belies her intellectual brilliance.
I am deeply impressed by Heather and recommend her unhesitatingly.”
-Eric Guy, LSW
Chief Victory Officer
Center for Victory
I love working with Heather.  She is so prompt and always returns a call quickly.  She always does what is in the best interest of her clients.  It is easy to see that Heather loves her job and she is great at it.
Rachel J