SELF-AWARENESS, ACHIEVEMENTS, MINDFULLNESS, INTEGRITY - To teach tools that empower individuals, families and couples to achieve wellness by making effective decisions and solve problems efficiently.

Advantage Counseling Services

Advantage Counseling Services strongly believes in experiential therapy. This modality improves communication skills, bonding, problem resolution, leadership skills and developing support systems. Heather’s Advantage Counseling Services does not do traditional therapy. She often goes out into the community into the real life situations. She at times will do in home counseling and therapy according to the client’s needs. “Get to their level and just BE”

At Advantage Counseling Services, we collaborate and communicate effectively with clients, families, medical providers, nursing staff, and community resources.  We believe that maintaining and participates in hospital and department performance improvement activities with our patients and their counseling needs.

“My work with clients focuses on the strengths of each individual and family. Treatment solutions are truly individual as we work together to combine the right treatment approach with your strengths, and to create positive change.”